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Why Leading Teams Choose Journey App

Makes team development easy

Team development shouldn’t be complicated. Journey App provides complete guidance on how to develop each skill.

Improves team performance

Journey helps you focus only on the most critical skills for your team members to achieve better business outcome.

Achieves effective results

Journey continuously follows up with check-ins and evaluates your team’s progress and show you results.

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How Journey Team Development Works

See how Journey helps you develop your team with actionable guidance and continuous follow-up.

Step 1

Identify must-have skills

Identify the business-critical skills you should develop in your team to reach your business goals.

Step 2

Plan 3-month development

Build simple yet effective development plans with your team members.
Simple: the immediate focus is always one topic at a time - no overload.
Effective: no off-the-job content - plans that address on-the-job work.

Step 3

Development by doing

Experience shows that employees learn best by doing real work. Journey recommends the right tasks and projects to develop each specific skill. Stretch assignments are constantly curated by experts and evaluated by real users.

Step 4

Track progress and see results

Journey helps you track progress with ease and evaluate your team’s overall growth.

“Journey helps us upskill our workforce and understand the skills we need over the coming years as digital business models emerge and jobs change rapidly.”

Rengin Onay -
The Coca Cola Company, Senior Human Resource Director