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People Development in 90 Seconds


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How Journey People Development Works

See how Journey helps to develop teams with actionable guidance and continuous follow-up.

Step 1

Identify business-critical skills

Journey coaches managers to refine the team’s must-have skills -- the skills and knowledge that addresses business performance.

Step 2

Plan 3-month development sprints

Each quarter, Journey assists managers and reports with best practices to build a development plan. They work together to select a development area (the immediate focus is always one topic at a time. No overload) for the next three-months, and an action plan.

Step 3

Development in the flow of work

Experience shows that employees learn best from internal experts or by doing something themselves. Journey makes sure that people learn from each-other and nudges them to try out new things.

Step 4


At the end of three months, managers evaluate improvement, and team members evaluate the effectiveness of development activities. They review the outcomes and start a new sprint.

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