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Journey takes care of onboarding challenges even when new hires are remote

Connecting with co-workers is hard for remote new hires.

New hires, overwhelmed with manuals and training, can not understand what is business-critical.

New hires receive little guidance from supervisors or co-workers.

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How Journey Onboarding Works

See how Journey support managers and newcomers to clarify roles, establish networks, and retain business-critical knowledge.

1 Day to start

Make new hires feel welcomed

Deliver personalized experiences to your new hires, such as greeting new hires with a welcoming video from the CEO, the manager, or the team.

Day 1

Connect them with key contacts

Help your new hires immediately meet with business-critical co-workers even when everyone is remote.

Day 2

Guide their journey with Job-Readiness Plans

Coach your managers to prepare 90-day job-readiness plans. Let new hires focus on what is essential rather than dumping way too much information into their laps.

Day 14

Track Progress with Check-Ins

Send bi-weekly check-ins to new hires. Let managers easily see their new hire's progress with a few quick questions that track progress.

“Journey supports managers and new hires to focus on business-critical topics such as clarifying roles and establishing networks and not be burdened with non-essential information.”

Rengin Onay -
The Coca Cola Company, Senior Human Resource Director

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